Posted by: lucylastic | February 24, 2011

Help! I’ve got a bad back!

I know it’s not that unusual to have a bad back, but it’s unusual for me.  My most frequent ailments are chest infections, (linked to my asthma) and problems with a knee (right) or ankle (left) – both of which I have damaged badly in the past.  I really don’t ‘do’ bad back.

All that changed yesterday afternoon when what started as a simple ache in my lower back turned bit by bit into a very painful pain, if you’ll forgive the tautology.  And no attributable cause either – I have no recollection of a strain, lift or twist that may have triggered the symptoms.  Quite annoying really.  I think if one is going to suffer from something, a good story detailing how the injury was sustained in the first place is an absolute ‘must’.

The Health & Safety Executive, (HSE) report that in the year 2009/10, over 3.3 million working days were lost due to problems ‘mainly affecting the back’, (Source: the web pages of the HSE )

I’m not intending to add to those figures, at least, not if I can possibly help it – I found that my home-made remedy of more than the recommended dose of pain killers coupled with a glass of wine (or 3) was pretty effective yesterday night and I had an untroubled night, sleeping on my back – definitely NOT usual for me, but reported by my Lovely Husband this morning.  I suspect my snores may have been keeping him awake!

Do you have any remedies that have worked for a bad back?  If so, let me know.



  1. Bad backs come on without warning or ‘obvious’ cause more often than WITH obvious cause. We are learning that the great majority of these mystery back pains are caused by long term posture issues, which though small, are much like the drip of water on a rock over time. The good news is, get your self along to a proper, qualified Pilates instructor and do regular one to one sessions, you will, in most cases, cure the mystery back pains altogether. A word of warning though – make sure they are qualified and dedicated Pilates instructors, not a fitness instructor with a weekend qualification and a passion for your cash.

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