Posted by: lucylastic | March 7, 2011

World Book Night – Swindon style!

It’s Friday 4th March, I have left it until almost the last minute to collect my allocation of World Book Night books from Waterstone’s in Swindon – there are 2 big and heavy boxes, the car is 300 yds away, I try to lift them both, it’s not going to work.  ‘Looks like 2 trips’ says the not very helpful man in the shop.  I won’t ask, but I do hope my eyes are conveying a decent ‘please help me, I’m just a woman’ type look that I so despise when others do it.  It’s not working.  I take the first box.  By the time I reach the car, my arms already feel like Geoff Capes’ arms must have done when he held a battery up at full arms stretch on ‘World’s Strongest Man’.  How did he do it, and how much does a battery way anyway?  More than a box of books?  Not sure.  They are very heavy.  Back to the shop.  No one around.  Box now hidden behind the counter, (I discover after some loitering).  Off I go again, this time expecting to be ‘collared’ for loping out of the shop without so much as a by your leave.  But no one stops me.  By now, my arms are trembling – this is pathetic, but I sink into the driver’s seat and just sit there, before I finally find the strength to manoeuvre the car out of the parking space.  Home.  Leave books in boot for Lovely Husband to help with 😉

Saturday dawns – had planned to get in touch with the local paper and publicise my book-giving efforts, but didn’t get round to it!  Plan to drop a few off at various locations and with various people.  Cup of tea first.  Phone rings.  Elder son.  Needs help.  Have to abandon plans for now and run to his aid, (well, you do, don’t you)?  Back again.  Clock is ticking and now realise I have several things to make/prepare ahead of a dinner party later in the evening – I dreaded critical path analysis when I was a student – but even I know you’ll never eat a biscotti with your dessert wine without mixing the dough and getting it in the oven.  Younger son’s girlfriend arrives – brilliant – a student of A Level English – a worthy recipient – 1 down, 47 to go.  Later my dinner guests arrive – 2 more worthy recipients.  45 left.

Will keep you posted……………..



  1. I’m gutted that I somehow missed out on this! Didn’t hear about it until too late.

    • I will keep you a copy – so you at least have a souvenir – I have a few left still I have been keeping for friends!! Lucy

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