Posted by: lucylastic | March 15, 2011

Why does it always rain on me?

I have commented more than once recently on how gloomy my mood is – very much in response to the weather I think – so I was really looking forward to a few days in Milan………especially after we had had a lovely weekend in the UK – ‘bound to be a beautiful, blooming Italian spring time in Milan’ I thought and packed accordingly.

Dear Reader – it seems it is not to be – the pilot told us on approach that there was ‘light drizzle’ in Milan  – we landed on Sunday evening to a battering and buffeting that was amongst the worst I have experienced on an aeroplane – and it’s hardly stopped since.  Managed to catch a ‘Stations of the Cross’ procession between showers after dinner in the Old Town yesterday.  But this morning has dawned, (sort of) even greyer and wetter.

Why does it always rain on me indeed?  I don’t think I’m that bad, honest 😉



  1. Oh bad luck Lucy! The worst thing has to be when you go away in the summer and it rains! I couldn’t believe it when we went to Spain in June 2009 and it kept raining!

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