Posted by: lucylastic | March 25, 2011

The milk of human kindness………

Monday evening this week.  A knock on the door.  Exchange surprised look with Lovely Husband, (we’re not expecting anyone). It’s the man from our local wineshop, with 2 cases of LOVELY sparkling wine!  Exchange quizical looks with the man.  “It’s a gift”, he said, “there’s a card”.  There was indeed a card.  It was anonymous.  I pressed the man about the identity of the gift giver.  Not known to him apparently, but ‘she’ (first clue) seemed to know that we frequented the shop, (not as much as we should actually, but that’s another story).

I pressed him for a description, ‘slim, with crinkly hair’………well dear reader, he is a man.  Crinkly hair?  Not sure if I know anyone who has ‘crinkly’ hair.  I wasn’t much the wiser.

Eventually, I conjured up 2 people who might have met the (vague) description, one of whom I haven’t seen for years and therefore seemed extremely unlikely, the other I had seen very recently and I could think of no reason at all why she might be moved to make such a generous gesture………….

To cut a long story short, the gesture was a ‘thank you’ for something we do willingly – host a prayer group meeting in our home once a week – something which in this lovely giver’s mind, we didn’t get enough thanks or acknowledgement for.

I can hardly get over the gesture even now, it was so unexpected and so thoughtful.  And a lovely surprise.  It quite restores one’s belief in human kindness.



  1. That’s lovely! You can’t beat acts of kindness, random or otherwise.

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