Posted by: lucylastic | May 20, 2011

Flexing my cookery school muscles…….Italian style!

Inspired by a wonderful day at Katie Caldesi’s ‘at home’ cookery school, (see for more details – we decided to replicate the experience at home – so the same group of friends assembled – myself and Lovely Husband, plus Lovely Son and 3 other friends – and embarked on an Italian menu that was both challenging and fun!  Taking in everything from home-made bread, home-made pasta, de-boning chickens, panna cotta, pies and cantuccini – with a few more things along the way, we were tired (and in some cases emotional) by the time it came to sit down and eat.

Top Tip 1, don’t drink and try to supervise – do one or the other!  I realised far too late that I was being looked to for direction and help – and was struggling with each successive glass of Prosecco to manage the task.  We seem to have ‘lost’ a couple of hours along the way, (not helped by starting a bit late becuase one of the friends got stuck on the motorway and we didn’t want to start without him).  But what should have been dinner at 7pm, ended up being dinner at 9pm and we were struggling to find an appetite for it all by then!

I tried to attach the full menu and recipes – but my blog doesn’t like it for some reason – so send me a comment if you’re interested…………. and I will email them to you.

So, it was was with some trepidation that I decided on a re-run – a different batch of recipes – and a different batch of people – and I stayed sober!  I’ll write more about the second experience another time, but suffice to say it confirmed how much I want to do this for a living – so the plans for an Italian Cookery School are alive and kicking!!!!  Have a good weekend everyone.



  1. Wow! Sounds fantastic. I can just see you as a Master Chef! 🙂

  2. Good to hear the Italian cookery school plans are still alive and kicking! I went to Dinner by Heston B today – truly excellent – will be blogging about it.

    • Hi Gail – I’m very envious – looking forward to reading your blog about it! How are you? Hope life is treating you well? Lucy

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