Posted by: lucylastic | June 20, 2011

It’s all change at KAM!

Apologies for the absence, I have many excuses as always – very busy, (not a good one); on holiday, (slightly better – no one really expects you to Blog on holiday do they); we’re moving and it’s all very stressful, (best of the lot I think, even when you’re pretty laid back, moving somehow contrives to wind one up).

And lest you think the family home is about to be no more, it’s Lovely Husband’s business that is moving! Yes, as of Thursday this week KAM Auto Services will have a new home in Cheney Manor – Unit B, The Old Bakery, Kiln Lane, Swindon SN2 2NP to be precise – we’ll still be on the same phone number 01793 423119 and hopefully, able to provide the excellent and friendly level of service many of you know and love – and we thank you very much indeed for your support!

I hadn’t originally intended that this should be a blatant ad for KAM – but why not? LH works extremely hard and long, together with his team of Darren, Danny and now Dave, (your name has to start with a ‘D’ if you’re to have any chance of a job at KAM)!!! 😉 Apart from Annabelle of course, who keeps them all in line!

If you live anywhere near Swindon and haven’t tried KAM before, give us a shout for an MOT, servicing or repairs.

So – the count-down has begun – the tip runs have started – how is it possible to accumulate such a lot of junk in so little time? The existing place is full of ‘useful things’, kept for a rainy day, just like most people’s attic at home. Time to be ruthless. We want a streamlined, smooth and uncluttered look to the new operation. Come and see us soon and let us know what you think of it!!!



  1. Congratulations to you all on the move! I used to work down there, some of the companys (if they are all still around) are quite funny / pains in the rear at times but a great bunch of people!

  2. Good luck to KAM on the move!
    Hope to see you and LH soon. Just got back from a fab holiday.

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