Posted by: lucylastic | July 25, 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon…… Pennyhooks Farm……..

OK, OK, I feel guilty………….my lovely friend L suggested that I blog about the very relaxed visit we made to Pennyhooks farm yesterday – check it out at

To be honest, a couple of minutes on their website will probably be more illuminating than I am about to be…………….but here goes……………it’s a farm that offers autistic spectrum disorder students the chance to get up close and dirty to ‘real farming’.  None of your big machines here – just a ‘do it by hand, do it at your own pace’ approach to giving young people a chance they might not otherwise get…….

They have pigs – 2 really ‘big girls’, Octavia and her daughter Pansy – they are saddlebacks – named, of course for their (sort of) saddle-like markings. I have been close to pigs before – but not ones as big as these. Luckily, they were chilled and had a penchant for Digestive biscuits, (McVities, of course) and liked being scratched. If you’ve never scratched a pig, they are remarkably wiry, a bit like a long haired dish scourer – and not as smelly as you might think.

There were also lots of chickens – black ones, white ones, ginger ones, bantams, I am running out of knowledge now………but they lay well, (one had even left an egg conveniently deposited in the wheel barrow). I would like a few chicken myself – but having spotted a fox very comfortably curled up under my Buddleia just the other day, I am not so sure.

There were also two very cute goats……………I’d like goats to go with my chickens………………I’m envisaging a nice chicken salad, with frisee lettuce, radishes and goat’s cheese…………..well, why bother otherwise? And soft-boiled eggs and soldiers when I feel sorry for myself.

Have a good week – back to sensible (???) blogging soon! 😉



  1. Goat alert!!

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