Posted by: lucylastic | September 26, 2011

A late summer weekend in Devon – just what the doctor ordered!

Dear Reader,

Apologies – but at the moment, work is winning in the work/life balance equation and I never seem to have a moment to write anything new!

A few pics then of a fabulous weekend in Devon – mid-September and some lovely sunshine interspersed with rain and clouds.  There was a ‘ship in’ and we spent some lovely time together as a group of girl friends……………..

And a lovely walk in a vineyard, followed by a tasting………………… Not to put too fine a point on it, but some English vineyards have a way to go before they get good enough to take on the Lidl and Sainsbury’s specials………………….disappointing whites, less than full bodied reds and not a drop of sparkly in sight.  Back to the supermarket……………….

Or at least, to my lovely local wine merchant -check him out if you are anywhere in striking distance of Swindon.  Brian at



  1. You were obviously near my neck of the woods on your trip to Devon – I live near Newton Abbot. I don’t rate Sharpham wines either!

  2. […] spent time in Dartmouth last September, (check it out on…) , I was looking forward to seeing it from the water this […]

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