Posted by: lucylastic | December 12, 2011

A lovely award and a Christmas wish for you all!

It’s not the best way to close out the year, but I find myself wishing my reader a Happy Christmas AND trying to rightfully acknowledge the award I kindly received from Gail, over at

An award? Yes, dear reader – Curious Girl has very kindly bestowed on me a ‘Lovely Blog Award’, (thank you very much indeed CG) and it’s part of the deal that I do the following:

1. Thank the giver and link back to his or her site, (see above)

2. Provide five random facts that folks may not know about me.

3. Pass this award on to five other lovely blog sites and let them know I’m awarding them – that’s a toughie – as it feels a bit cheeky when I don’t know all the bloggers involved – so if you are one of my five from below, all I can offer as an excuse is that I regularly check your pages to see what you’re up to, and I wanted you to know that you’re appreciated!

4. Copy the award logo and paste it onto your own site.

 So here are my five random facts.

1. I have tried (and so far failed) to get onto Masterchef but still watch it in all its permutations!

2. What I really want to do is open an Italian cookery school in Le Marche, Italy – so if you have some spare dosh looking for an investment, you know where to come 😉

3. If I could only ever eat one meat again it would be beef, but if I had to choose a last meal, it would be lamb

4. My very best friend has occupied that position since we started at Christ the King Primary school in 1969

5. I would love to be able to Quickstep, just once, in front of an admiring room full of onlookers…………………

And here are the other five bloggers to whom I am sending this award – favourites all!

 Around Britain with a paunch –

A pot of tea and a biscuit –

 Hannah’s Country Kitchen –

 With knife and fork –

 Italian Food Forever –

You may notice a bit of a theme with these blogs…………………food – it really is my obsession – I have already planned all my menus for each day I am at home between starting my Christmas hols on 15th Dec and the New Year – but I can’t help myself!!! It’s great fun to plan and shop accordingly – but I don’t mind the occasional spontaneous departure from the script……… last Thursday, when my lovely friend was feeling down and I managed to rustle up a selection of tasty treats and nibbles from cupboards and freezer – and she provided a drop of the hard stuff to road test some Christmas cocktails! Happy days.

I am so busy over the next couple of weeks, (not like the rest of you I’m sure) that I doubt I’ll be blogging again till 2012 – where did 2011 disappear to? Answers on a postcard please! Happy Christmas everybody. Ho, ho, ho.





  1. Thanks so much for the award. I’m flattered! What a lovely early Christmas present.

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