Posted by: lucylastic | January 4, 2012

And a Happy New Year………………

Well, where does the time go?  I’ve had my longest Christmas holiday for a long time…………..over 2 weeks……….and still I don’t feel ready for the return to work or as if I have properly ‘had’ Christmas.  I made an effort with the home decor as you can see above – my little cameral doesn’t really do justice to any of it and those lovely flowers were given to me over a week before Christmas and were in fabulous bloom on the day – more than can be said for my sad Poinsettia, that despite looking perky in the shop didn’t really shine all over Christmas and is now most definitely in its decline!!!!

For the first time in a long time, I only had 6 people sitting down for Christmas lunch – including me and LH – it just didn’t seem enough somehow and I wished there could have been more!  I really missed my lovely best friend A, who decided to celebrate Christmas at home in Spain this year, and even some rousing, (if out of tune) karaoke together, plus some spectacular back garden fireworks on New Year’s Eve didn’t quite make up for the lack of festive feeling.

Without wanting to be too doom and gloom, it didn’t help that there’s a big shadow hanging over the viability of LH’s business – people are abandoning car servicing in their droves it appears – I am sure that the general ‘talking down’ of the economy and the outlook on TV and radio and in the papers doesn’t help either…………..why not take an optimistic view of things?  If you are in striking distance of Swindon and need good quality, good value garage services – why not give us a try…………….

And a New Year sees me taking on a new challenge………….. I thought it was about time I started to DO SOMETHING – instead of just waiting around for the stars to align for our Italian dream of a cookery school to become reality……………so I am going to become a ‘Jamie Consultant’ – if you’re not familiar with Jamie Oliver’s ‘at home’ range of goodies, you can find out more at:  and if you fancy booking a party of your own, you know where I am!

Happy New Year everyone!


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