Posted by: lucylastic | February 2, 2012

I never did like curtains………


but I’m starting to realise why so many people have them………..they keep the cold out and the warmth in.  Duh!  I’m unexpectedly spending more time at home lately – more of which in a future post – but in the meantime, I have lots of opportunity to ponder just HOW COLD it can get inside a centrally heated house.  Especially an old Victorian one – still with its original windows and not many curtains.  When we moved in, I gaily took down the high quality, beautifully lined, but somewhat twee curtains that the previous owners had left behind – and replaced them with more visually appealing, (to me at least) wooden blinds and other ‘window treatments’ that do little to aid insulation.  Today, it feels warmer out than in…………

I hope you’re managing to keep warm wherever you are.  Toodlepip.


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