Posted by: lucylastic | March 12, 2012

Introducing ‘Tia Lucia’!! The new cookery school in Swindon.

cook school 4

Well, I am on my way to being a real, live, cookery school owner!!!!  With plans for our move to Italy still a distant dream, I have been urged by a number of people, (not least, by my Lovely Husband) to start by offering cookery lessons from home!!!  So, I’ve registered with the Council, signed up for a food safety course, am getting consultancy from someone who has been through the same process already and feel full of both excitement and somewhat nervous at the same time!  The kitchens above are from ‘real’ cookery schools, the photos below are from my own place – it looks pretty good I think- certainly welcoming and warm – which is the effect I want to create.  Tia Lucia, (Aunt Lucy in Italian) will open after Easter – watch this space for more news!!!!



  1. What a great idea Lucy! I will have to spend more time in Swindon! Your kitchen looks fab – I love the colour of the walls. Certainly looks the part.

  2. A visit to Swindon may be on the cards, Aunt Lucy! A fabulous business idea and I wish you all the very best.

  3. All the best with this Lucy. Keeping everything crossed that it’s a success. xxx

  4. Hi Lucy,

    Was sorry to hear you had left Invensys but am delighted to hear of your venture and wish you every success with it.

    Catherine – Complete Business Gifts

  5. So glad you are following your dream Lucy!! ‘Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow! Xx

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