Posted by: lucylastic | April 24, 2012

It’s truly all downhill from here…………best friend reaches the big ‘five oh’

For anyone who follows Chinese astrology and years, 1962 was a year of the Tiger.  I’ve always quite liked being a Tiger, so much better than a Pig or Rat and somehow glamorous and slinky.  Not that I am remotely glamorous or slinky, but I don’t think I’m very rat-like either.  What I am at the moment is slightly surprised that 50 years have gone rushing by since my first appearance back in the summer of ’62.

Ex school-friend M was the first of the gang to hit the milestone back on the Ides of March, (in March, December, June and May, the Ides are on the 15th day), just in case you had forgotten when the Ides were, (13th in other months by the way). And now bestest friend A is about to reach it too.  We all shunned our 40th birthdays to some degree – feeling not quite as happy with ourselves and with the world as we should have done, but it seems that the big ‘five oh’ is finding us in better fettle.

So, celebrations here we come…………………A lives in sunny Spain and a few days of sea, sand and sangria are just what I need – full of cold and feeling sorry for myself is not conducive to merry-making – and the fact that we’re on the 06.05 ex Bristol means that we need to be up at 3am – so there’s still a little hurdle to jump – but after that, it’s Cava, Cava all the way.  Above is a pic of lovely A at my wedding a few years ago……………………

Maybe even a little glass of something en route – just to be sociable 🙂

What are you doing to celebrate your big birthday?



  1. M was the first…..??? Hmm! C was 50 last year…….

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