Posted by: lucylastic | June 12, 2012

Day 2, all at sea…………..

So, we emerge from the foc’sle bunks extremely early on Day 2.  Captain Nick and Mate Steve are still asleep, but I decide to press ahead with tea making – it looks quite bright outside – the weather is changing for the better and things are looking up.

Tea and rough ablutions over, (the ‘head’ has a loo mounted high up to accommodate the curve of the ship’s frame and a tiny basin) we make some decisions…………a long sail – heading for Dartmouth – which will take us right past Weymouth, Portland Bill and other notoriously rough bits of sea.  The goal – get the difficult stuff out of the way so we can enjoy short hops from pretty harbour town to pretty harbour town at our leisure.

Having spent time in Dartmouth last September, (check it out on , I was looking forward to seeing it from the water this time.

So, off we sail into a fresh morning breeze……….LH is struggling to find his sea legs and despite several prior nautical experiences, succumbs to ‘mal de mer’ by early afternoon.  In our optimistic, (and possibly short-sighted) packing, I have failed to purchase any anti-sickness tablets and there are none on board.  LH disappears down below and I assume goes to sleep.  A few hours go by, we haven’t gone that far, this sailing is not a speedy endeavour, but chatting away to Nick and Steve is entertaining and enjoyable – we swap Hungry Sailor stories and talk about the food, the suppliers, the challenges and the programme.  I get a chance to take the helm and get a feel for the boat – it’s VERY HEAVY to steer, much more than I expected and using the steering rope necessitates learning the feel all over again.

Nick makes a casual enquiry……………….do you think you ought to check on your husband, he’s been in the head a very long time.  Oops, I thought you were asleep dear, honest!  I shan’t linger on this bit of the trip as it wasn’t pleasurable – certainly not for my LH at any rate.  It was almost 10pm when we pulled alongside the Dartmouth ferry berth – Nick has requested a ‘hard landing’ – being able to tie-up alongside as opposed to on a mooring buoy mid-stream – so that LH can get ashore and re-discover his land legs.  It’s too late for any shops or other sellers of tablets to be open, but the lovely people on the Dartmouth Princess River Boat hear that one of our number isn’t too well and pull alongside with a stock of tablets – so kind and thoughtful and we were very much moved by their gesture.  There had been a bit of a worry that sailing might be ‘stuck up’, but it’s not, it’s full of lovely people who are passionate about what they do.  As proved again by our visit to the Dartmouth Yacht Club – where the lady obligingly offered to open up specially the next morning, (a Sunday) to let us use the showers – as we have to be off the ferry berth well before 9am.  Thanks to you all.  And so to bed.  The sailing, the fresh air, the whole laid back nature of it makes one incredibly tired………………..

More next time – I am drowning in work at the moment!!!!  🙂


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