Posted by: lucylastic | July 17, 2012

And so, I am 50 – how on earth did that happen?



Almost 2 weeks ago, I was 50……………I know I’m not the first and I won’t be the last…………….but it was a wonderful day and my friends made it all worthwhile.

We had afternoon tea with sandwiches, (thanks lovely sister and best friend and best friend’s Mum and hubby), we had savoury tarts, (thanks to another lovely friend, L), we had scones with clotted cream and jam – assembled by youngest son and lovely Godson; we had fairy cakes – hand-made by yet another fabulous friend, J – who also took charge of the curry later on – what a star!  We had birthday cake – not just one, but two – made by the talented V – dreams of chocolate, one while and one dark.  Yummy scrummy.

There were lots and lots of people who entered into the Indian theme, my two sons, their partners, my LH, my parents, lots and lots and lots of friends…………….if any more of you have photos, please do send them to me!!!  And chck them out on Faceback – good friend G has kindly put her album there.

Then there was curry.  And music – georgeous Bev, the very talented Ray & Sian, (aka the Black Feathers –; J’s wonderful hubby who was generous enough to let me sing, (if you’d ever heard me, you’d know why it doesn’t happen often).  There were fireworks, there were fairy lights, there was a wonderful Indian Marquee; there was a very lovely lady doing henna tattoos…………..there was a bit of English bubbly, lots of Pimms and more than a few cups of tea – maybe not all in that order.  Thank you everyone who made it wonderful for me.  I really do love you all!


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