Posted by: lucylastic | August 9, 2012

The summer’s gone and all the roses falling……………..


The title shows words from one of my favourite songs – Oh Danny Boy, (though some versions say ‘flowers’ rather than roses), but the point is the same………….without anything to really look back on and say ‘that was summer’, my rose petals have almost all fallen, along with various other flowers and leaves.  My tomatoes are still struggling to come into flower, (I don’t have the benefit of a greenhouse) and I have a lone pepper waiting to be picked.  My cabbages are a slug fest and only the lettuce seems to have escaped unscathed………………and very tasty it is, but it’s limited in its uses!  Thanks a lot Mr Rainfall.

Luckily, my new lawn, (pictured above) is still looking good – I am thrilled that my investment in an ‘atificial lawn’, (it’s NOT Astroturf by the way – that was a trade mark from long ago), is looking lush and green – and it’s had many admirers.  I have always ‘fessed up so far, but am thinking of taking any future compliments for myself.  My very lovely, but also very sceptical husband has professed himself ‘quite surprised’ by how good it looks……………….and I must give credit to ‘Curious Girl’…………….she started it!!! Check hers out at  The funniest thing is watching the birds – who are thoroughly confused by it – they strut around it – pecking away – and then they look confused.  I never would have believed that a bird could look confused – but it’s true.  Confusion is then followed by several angry flaps of the wings, a bit more pecking and then flying to a neaby vantage point, where they are clearly pondering just what is going on.  Priceless.

I hope you’re all having a better, funner (sic) more action packed summer than I am!!!  Toodlepip!



  1. Definitely money well spent, Lucy – and last week yet another person failed to realise our grass was artificial!

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